Of all the irksome occupations universally offered up by social media sites, the filling out of the ‘About Me’ section is one of my most loathed. Given the paradoxical demand driven by social convention that only information regarding the most relevant yet most socially acceptable parts of your person be provided, it always seemed that by completing this section seriously you would be left with either the most hideously contrived load of rubbish you had even written, or a blank space. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have tackled this collective conundrum by instead providing movie lines, which out of context more often than not appear meaningless (you mysterious little fellow), or if you are a female between the age of 18 and 35, THAT quote from Marilyn Monroe.


Given that Marilyn Monroe is regarded as a largely tragic figure, suffering as a lifelong victim of bamboozlement and exploitation until her death from an overdose of prescription barbiturates in her mid-thirties, I personally feel that she would not be the first celebrity I’d choose to recruit as my ‘About Me’ spokesperson. Consequently, because I am an astute lady, more often than not over the years I have chosen the blank space.

In this situation however, I for once feel that it may be necessary for me to provide you with a little summary of me, or at least what I am, and hence this blog is going to be about. I don’t see the need for grandiose introductions or affidavit-length accounts of my hobbies, interests and family medical history – I’m sure some of that will come out along the way anyway (I’ll try to keep the descriptions of my familial cherry angiomas to a minimum).

My name is Emily. I’m about a fortnight away from turning twenty-five and I just moved back to my hometown of Melbourne three months ago after being away for a number of years. I’ve moved a lot during my life, which has been great but also at times very challenging, largely because it was rarely my own choice. Now that I am here I honestly feel that for the first time in a very long time, perhaps ever, I am in a place where I can see myself being able to build a life. I’m not saying that I’ll never move away, but if I did I’d like to think there would be a home here waiting for me when I returned. Not a physical home, but one made of people, places and experiences. Having an opportunity to build that for myself is an exciting prospect.

This year is my second year out as a Registered Nurse and I work at a large city hospital. It’s a funny sort of lifestyle and there are many aspects of the job that take time to learn how to grapple with – 24/7 shift work, night shift, the demands of intensive teamwork, as well as physical and emotional strain. I think the lifestyle that was instantaneously thrust upon me by this profession is probably reason behind why the Paleo and Anti-Sugar food movements first began to appeal to me, and why I started to follow them. As far as I’m concerned, eating food that is natural, practical, balanced, enticing and hearty isn’t a fad – it just makes sense. Thanks to the influence of these movements and their principles, cooking and meal preparation has become a bit of an interest of mine during the recent months. InstagramIsDown-52186 Backtracking to the subject of social media, I have only just started using Instagram and previously didn’t really know a great deal about it. Of course I knew that it was used to share photos and about the trend of people uploading photographs of their meals to the site, hence the inclusion of the above photo. However, I incorrectly assumed that this trend was an indication that Instagram is utilised to serve the same conceited function that Facebook often does as a sort of high-tech bragging tool, where people can broadcast the inane details of their day-to-day lives as explicitly or covertly as they like for their acquaintances to gawp at. While I’m sure Instagram, like all social media sites, is used to meet a number of different purposes and plenty of ‘bragging’ still goes on, it has far more widely been my experience that its true value lies in its ability to act as a platform for likeminded people to freely rally themselves together into communities of shared interests, where they can exchange and draw inspiration from one another’s ideas. Movements like #paleo, #nosugar, #sustainable, etc have been able to flourish exponentially amongst the Instagram population, and it is clear that the sense of support provided by their online communities assists followers to further thrive and grow on their own personal journeys. Even as a newcomer I feel that I have already gained a lot from being able to join in in my own small way.

I am starting this blog because I would like to further expand my contribution to, and hence also benefit from, the inspiring food movements that I have been introduced to through Instagram (I promise that I am not a paid spokesperson for Instagram, haha). The significant majority of the posts will be about what my intestines are digesting, but are likely to include other things from my day-to-day life which I feel are relevant to the notions espoused by the lifestyle philosophies of the various movements (I particularly love the rather Epicurean way that they draw on other concepts of wellness such as yoga, meditation, learning, compassion and self-acceptance). While I’m really enjoying the company of the people who have come into my life over the past few months since I moved, I’m also very much looking forward to using this blog in conjunction with my Instagram page to exchange ideas and support with other likeminded people who are also on a path to health and fulfilment.

Thank goodness that’s over.

Peace out gorgeous-heads,

Emily Xxx


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