Healthy PB&J and Nutella Sandwiches

I love the pop singer Grimes (aka Claire Boucher). Her music, like her, is fantastically innovative, smart and unique and it’s always great to see a person approaching their work with the passion and dedication that she does. She’s also a visual artist, and I highly recommend taking note of her work in either medium.


Yep, she’s great.

A number of months ago now Grimes posted the below photo on her Tumblr page, and it’s a concept which has been rocking around in the back of my brain ever since. It seems like a really playful notion, and one that you could be very creative with while following an I Quit Sugar/Paleo/Raw diet. There are so many popular junk foods out there that could actually be very healthy if you just removed all of the added sugar, toxic oils, preservatives and chemicals necessary for mass production and distribution.  Sarah Wilson has a number of good recipes on offer in the ‘Reinvented Comfort Classics’ chapter of her latest book ‘I Quit Sugar for Life.’

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 10.07.52 PM

It certainly took me a while but a few days ago I managed to get around to giving the idea a whirl at lunchtime when I toyed with the concept of Paleo/sugar-free/healthy versions of two classic but not particularly nutritious childhood lunchbox staples – Peanut Butter and Jelly and Nutella Sandwiches. Method as follows.


For the bread:

I made the ‘bread’ using Paleomg’s Breakfast Biscuit Recipe, which you can find here. Her cooking is a lot of fun and she seems to have a very ‘American’ interpretation of Paleo – big, generous servings with plenty of burgers, meatloaf, waffles and sauces. My only recommendation when making the breakfast biscuits is that you make more than four because gosh darn they are filling. I also used just four whole eggs instead of the four egg whites and two whole eggs that the recipe prescribes, because I didn’t want waste. I’ve cooked with this recipe a couple of times now and it makes a great substitute for bread if you’re wanting to keep your lunches interesting.

For the peanut butter and jelly:

First spread the biscuit with Mayver’s Peanut and Coconut spread. To make the jam mash slightly defrosted frozen raspberries together with a little rice malt syrup. You could get away without the rice malt syrup if you’re wanting it to make it super clean, I just wanted mine to have that really ‘jam-y’ kind of taste. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a PB&J.

For the Nutella:

Spread the biscuit with Mayver’s Peanut and Cacao spread as your base. Mash about half a banana together with some cacao powder, and add that on top with some cacao nibs.

All in all my lunch that day was pretty damn lush.  Definitely an idea I want to continue experimenting with.

Peace out gorgeous-heads,

Emily Xxx


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